UNI Overseas Placement Service For Educators

Candidate and Recruiter Comments

Comments and experiences from UNI candidates

(These are direct comments taken from candidate evaluation forms)

"The UNI staff was great - helpful and friendly. It was extremely valuable to meet recruiters in person and I thought UNI did a fantastic job aiding in the whole process." -IA

"Top-notch organization. I was extremely pleased with everything. I now have a new life ahead of me because of the UNI Fair." -NJ

"I would definitely attend UNI again in the future. I had 9 interviews at the fair and secured my dream job in Honduras. All of the pre-fair information and communications from the UNI staff were outstanding." -NY

"Anyone seeking an overseas teaching job simply must attend the UNI Fair. It was a great experience from the beginning to the end. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you UNI." -TX

"We commend UNI on their efforts in providing us up-to-date information, promptness and accuracy in answering our questions, courtesy on the phone and at the fair. We highly recommend this event to others and plan to attend again in future years." -Canada

"As new teachers we really want to thank UNI for providing this opportunity. What a fantastic way to begin our teaching careers! Our lives have changed, and we thank you." -KS

"Hats off to UNI. What an awesome experience. I can't wait to start my new adventure."  -WI

"We have attended UNI 3 times and secured jobs each time. This event just keeps getting better and better. You are to be complimented on your superior efforts to provide a cost-effective recruiting event and also providing extremely high quality service to each registrant." -Kuwait

"Organized. Helpful. Cost-friendly. Incredible school representation. My dream job. What more could I ask for? Thanks UNI!" -CO

Comments and experiences from school recruiters

(These are direct quotes taken from recruiter evaluation forms)

"UNI is THE place to recruit teachers. I always look to UNI to find the best teaching candidates anywhere. Thank you for a well run event once again this year." -Ecuador

"UNI has had a direct hand in improving many overseas schools worldwide by organizing an event that draws some of the best teaching candidates." - Egypt

"UNI is the best recruiting Fair in the States. I will always recruit teachers at UNI." -Germany

"I have attended the UNI Fair for over 15 years. Your unwavering commitment to service is truly amazing. Simply put, the UNI Fair is the granddaddy of all recruitment events, nobody does it better." -Mexico

"The face-to-face interviewing with teachers that occurs through your Fair is a crucial step in the hiring process. Nothing will ever take the place of the importance of this personal interaction between recruiter and teacher. Thank you for continuing to provide a quality recruiting event which allows this important interaction to take place." -Japan

"UNI - my home away from home. I have been recruiting educators through your service for so long, I can't imagine trying to staff my school without you. Thank you for your focus, energy, hard work and dedication to international schools." -Saudi Arabia