UNI Overseas Placement Service For Educators

Overview and Registration Process

University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Overseas Teaching Services

The UNI Overseas Teaching Services is a non-profit and university-based service. We have proudly served the K-12 international education community for over four decades. Over 30,000 educators have utilized our services since 1976.

If you want to use your teaching, counseling, or administrative credential as a passport while you explore the world, then the UNI Overseas Teaching Services may be for you.



Currently certified school counselors, PK-12 teachers, and administrators may register.  A state-issued license from the U.S. or Canada is required. Those with an expired license are not eligible to register unless they are in-process of renewing the license.

Current-year college graduates completing an educator preparation program leading to an initial educator license (those securing a license prior to fall 2020) are also invited to register (registration contingent upon required documentation).

Only educators interested in accepting overseas employment beginning fall 2020 should register with our service.


$50 Early Bird Registration Fee:

NO hidden fees or placement fees. We value our teachers and do not want cost to be a hindrance. 

The early bird deadline is December 2nd at 12:00pm CST.

Registration after the early bird deadline is $75 with the final registration deadline on January 15th at 12:00pm CST. 

Registration gets you access to all of the following:

  • UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair: Feb. 5-6, 2021:
    Over 100+ American international schools representing 50+ countries will be in attendance at our 45th annual event. The UNI Fair gives you the opportunity to network, interview, and accept a position at the event. Over 1,000 jobs are posted with us annually, and candidates average 5 interviews each. The UNI Fair is unique, fast-paced, and an exciting place to find your next job! It is highly recommended to attend all events on Friday. 
    It is strongly recommended that all educators seeking their first international job attend the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair in order to make the key personal connections that are so critical in deciding on your first overseas assignment.

  • UNI Employment Database:
    Entry into our database allows you to view posted jobs, review school profiles, set-up interviews, and communicate directly with international schools at any time. The UNI Employment Database is a key resource and tool for educators seeking international employment. As a registrant, your candidate profile as well as access to the database remains active until the end of June each year. More and more, candidates have had interviews and even accepted positions prior to attending the physical fair. 

  • UNI Staff Support and Publications:
    We are here to support your efforts! Our service and publications also provide important data to assist you in your search. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone or e-mail at any time! 


How to register: 

To initiate registration with the UNI Overseas Teaching Services, complete the inquiry form. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email with your username/password that allows you to begin the registration process. 

Using your log-in credentials to log into your portal, you will find the steps to complete registration as well as a detailed overview of our services, procedures, and deadlines. Once you have completed the requirements and paid the fee, you will receive a confirmation of registration from the UNI staff and further information.


Need Additional Information?

We encourage you to carefully review all sections of our website. Please contact the UNI staff at any time with specific questions that may be related to your candidacy. We are happy to help!

Email: overseas.placement@uni.edu Phone: 319-273-2083