Information for Schools

Recruiter evaluations keep telling us there is no place to recruit like the original—UNI! Since 1976, hundreds of accredited schools and 33,000+ educators have utilized our services. UNI is a nonprofit, university-based service with a core focus on educators.

We understand your need to find talented educators who will make a smooth transition to your school and country. We look forward to serving you! 

Registration is currently closed.

School registration for the UNI Overseas Teaching Services is limited and no school is guaranteed registration. School acceptance is based on numerous criteria and considerations (recognized accreditation is a non-negotiable). UNI OTS reserves the right to accept or reject any school at any time and for any reason.

Benefits of registering with the UNI Overseas Teaching Services:

  • UNI Online Employment Database AND in-person fair at one set cost 
  • NO placement fees
  • Majority of candidates are certified educators in the U.S.
  • NEW for 2023-24 season: Educators outside of the U.S. can register (with easy distinction for schools)

UNI Overseas Teaching Fair  

In addition to an easy-to-use yet robust online system, we are excited to provide the opportunity for an in-person fair! We are looking forward to the excitement and connections that take place in-person! 

All registered schools and candidates have the ability to attend the UNI Overseas Teaching Fair (at no additional cost) on February 2-4, 2024.

UNI has had a direct hand in improving many overseas schools worldwide by organizing an event that draws some of the best teaching candidates.

Recruiter from Egypt

UNI is the best recruiting fair in the States. I will always recruit teachers at UNI.

Recruiter from Germany

The face-to-face interviewing with teachers that occurs through [the UNI] fair is a crucial step in the hiring process. Nothing will ever take the place of the importance of this personal interaction between recruiter and teacher. Thank you for continuing to provide a quality recruiting event which allows this important interaction to take place.

Recruiter from Japan