UNI Overseas Placement Service For Educators

UNI Employment Database

The UNI Employment Database is an important electronic system utilized by both schools and educators looking to make an employment connection.

Educator Use of the UNI Employment Database

Educators receive access to the database upon registration with our services.  The database allows educators to review posted jobs, view school profiles, and communicate directly with registered schools at any time.  Educators also create their own individual candidate profile which is uploaded into the database system.

School Use of the UNI Employment Database

Registered schools utilize the database to post jobs, submit school fact sheets, and review candidate profiles at any time.  This gives schools the ability to carefully review candidate qualifications electronically and determine who to select for interviews, schedule interviews with potential hires, and communicate directly with candidates.

Schools and educators remain active in the database for the 2019 registration cycle until July 2019. 

For further information you may email us at: overseas.placement@uni.edu or call 319-273-2083