General Statistics

Over 1,000+ vacancies are posted in the UNI database system from more than 25 different teaching/administrative areas. There are more vacancies posted in the UNI system than there are educators to fill them.

Candidates who are single with no dependents or part of a certified married teaching team are most successful. Typically, over 90% of the successful candidates at UNI are in one of these categories. Due to visa restrictions, some schools cannot hire teachers over 60 years of age, teachers with dependents, and/or teachers with non-teaching spouses. It is important to know of potential limitations (or, on the flip side, advantages to your candidacy!).  

Many schools prefer to hire teachers with at least two years of relevant teaching experience. However, many international schools will hire new college graduates with the right qualifications. New teachers who are FLEXIBLE about geographic location, have a strong academic background, have a complete profile, and are committed to strong principles of teaching and learning are encouraged to register with our service. Over 60% of the new teachers participating in last year's services secured employment.